Monday, March 28, 2016

I'm back! Let's get reacquainted!

Hi everybody!  My name is Chanin and I am the mom behind The Moms Next Door blog.  So much has gone on in my life in the past year and I had to put this blog on hold, but now I'm back!  I have decided to bring life back to this blog and I'm so excited about it!  This is just the beginning.  I hope you will join me on my journey as well as other moms that will eventually be posting here too!  Interested?  Let me know! :)

A little about me and things that I will be posting about!  I'm a 41 year old mom of 4 beautiful girls ages 18, 12, 10 and 8.  I'm recently separated from my husband of 12 years and now live in an apartment with my 18 year old that is literally 5 minutes away from my other 3 daughters so that I can be with them as much as possible (temporary situation in case you were wondering).  I recently started a Plant-Based diet (vegan) and LOVE it, so I will definitely be sharing information and recipes!  I am also a Thrive (Le-Vel) Promoter.  I love movies and books.  I love finding cute clothes for moms that don't always want to look "mom-ish" and decorating my apartment.  I also love yoga, which I try to do at least 4-5 times a week.

That's a little about me, but sooo much more to come with my posts!  I can't wait to hear from you!



Wednesday, December 3, 2014

How to make Toxic Free DIY Cleaning Wipes

Do you use those wipes around your house that are already made for you with the cleaner already on them?  Have you ever taken the time to stop and think about what you are using?  What kind of chemicals you are using around your family and how they might affect them?  If not, I encourage you to do so.  Go to and you can look up whatever wipes you may currently be using and find out what the dangers of them are.  Here is a screenshot of what I found just by typing in "wipes":

Cleaning products are rated A-F and as you can see, these products got a D or an F!  Horrible!

I encourage you to make your own wipes at home using Toxic Free cleaners.  My favorite is CLEAN from the Healthy Home Company.  It's a 10-in-1 cleaner and it smells orange-y and is Toxic Free!  I love it!  To order yours, go to  Here is a video my daughter, Cora, made demonstrating how to make your own Toxic Free wipes at home.  Enjoy!

Original recipe by:  Dani Friar

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Follow your Passions - {Guest Post}

Follow Your Passions

Hey, and welcome to the Moms Next Door. My name is Christine Steendam and I’m a mom, wife, zoo-keeper (not really, but it feels like it sometimes), and a full-time author of adventure romance novels.
I could use this guest post to tell you all about me and my books, and then ask you to go buy them, but I’m not going to do that. I want to talk about dreams. Something so many of us stay-at-home moms have.
The transition from the working world to mom is tough. It’s a whole change of pace, not to mention getting used to the fact that you’re no longer bringing an income into the family like you used to. If you’re anything like me, you struggled with feeling inferior and obsolete—and although we can feel this way, it is unfounded. Where would our families be if we weren’t there to care for them? But here’s the beauty of it all, you now have an opportunity to follow your dreams and passions.
When I had my first son, after that adjustment period of figuring out what I was doing with this tiny human being that demanded my attention constantly, I took it as an opportunity to pursue my writing full-time. Everyone always told me writing wasn’t a good career choice; it was a shot in the dark, not a sure thing. So, when I needed to be bringing in an income, I put my dreams to the side. Becoming a mom meant I could bring those dreams back to the forefront and chase them.
I see so many moms following their passions, and I love it. The internet has opened up so many possibilities. I see women designing beautiful accessories, encouraging fitness, educating others on the wonders of natural cleaning products and great skin care. The world is changing for us stay-at-home moms and it is allowing us to follow our passions in a whole new way while contributing to the family income.
Whatever your dreams and passions may consist of, I hope you think about following them. You never know what’s around the corner for you. And if those dreams consist of writing, please feel free to contact me with any questions or to just chat. We all start somewhere, and we need to build a support network to get us to that next step. What better way than to connect with moms just like you?
Christine Steendam

I write historical and contemporary romance that takes you on an adventure. Stop by and say hey on Facebook or Twitter. I’d love to hear from you.

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Heart Like an Ocean
Unforgiving Plains

Monday, December 1, 2014

Kids in the Kitchen with Keri - {Guest Post}

Hi everyone!  My name is Keri Rutherford, Owner of Kids in the Kitchen with Keri in New Braunfels, Texas. I am an Independent Certified Cooking Instructor with Healthy Hands Cooking; headquartered in Irmo, SC.

With childhood obesity at an all time high; and more children suffering from diseases such as diabetes...high blood pressure...high cholesterol and an alarming number of food allergies, it's time for parents to take action.

Kids in the Kitchen with Keri has a simple solution.  Parents and children need to be educated on making the right food choices for healthier children.  No amount of exercise will make up for eating fast food and basically junk food.

Healthy Hands Cooking; along with my company has a vision:
  • To provide wellness classes for children ages 2-13 across North America
  • To lay a foundation of good nutrition so that kids feel confident about the daily choices they make
  • To provide business ownership opportunities to caring adult instructors
Our Mission:  To empower and educate our youth with the critical skill of nutrition education along with healthy cooking skills so they can make informed decisions for a lifetime of wellness.  We want to reach these kids nationally through a network of trained and certified self-employed instructors who can help fight the obesity epidemic and related illnesses.

We have many classes from which parents can choose:  Just a Taste one & two hour classes...8 Hour Core Programs...Birthday Parties....Summer Camps...Advanced Classes and our new Lil' Sprouts Classes for ages 2-5.  This Saturday I have a class with 8 young ladies ages 9-13 & we will have a nutrition activity for 30 minutes, then they will be cooking Cranberry & Peppermint No-Bake Reindeer Bites along with Lasagna Roll-Ups.  (loaded with spinach!)

To reach our goal, we need an army of certified instructors across the US.  If you have a passion for cooking and want to make a real difference in the lives of children, we need you!

If you're in the New Braunfels area, you can contact me at
My Facebook Page features healthy recipes only & tips for getting your kids to eat won't find sugary desserts here and it's a FUN page.    Be sure to like it!

Check out our "Forbes Living" guest spot on the WE network on December 16th @ 7am
If you can't get up that early you can see it here:  

Do you feel a new career calling to you?  You can find all the details on becoming a Healthy Hands Cooking Instructor here:

We'd love to have you join us!
Kids in the Kitchen with Keri...Healthy Choices, Healthy Children

Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday Shopping with Healthy Home

Shop for amazing Toxic Free deals!  You also get free membership and free shipping with your $50 purchase!  Now is the time to become a member of Healthy Home Company.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Have Amazing Lashes with Younique - {Guest Post}

Hi my name is Cari Hoffman and I am Yellow Status Independent Presenter for Younique. I am a stay at home mother of 4 children, 2 stepsons and 2 daughters. Alex 17, Ethin 13, Madyson 13, and Rees 4. I lost my job and realized that there was more to life than a 9-5 job with my children growing up fast! I was always a tomboy, and I guess you can say that I still am. I was never into the whole makeup thing. I always wore mascara and eyeliner! Who had time for all that chemically made makeup, that would clog my pores and make my skin feel heavy! For myself to join a makeup company speaks wonders!! I thought why not? Why can't I make a business for myself? Younique isn't demanding all of my time, like my 9-5 job was. It is going to allow me to put the time in that I want, full-time, part-time, anytime!! A major bonus, I get paid 3 hours, yes I said 3 hours, after I make a sale!! I don't have to wait 2 weeks to get paid for something that I did yesterday! 

I have been with Younique since July of this year. I committed to join Younique before I even tried the makeup!! My sponsor talked to me about joining, explaining all the perks and what an amazing opportunity it was. While she was talking, I kept getting more excited as she explained the details of commission, pay tree, and the potential to make money that would take me a year to make from a regular 9-5 job. She allowed me to try the 3D fiber mascara before I received my presenter's kit and I knew then that I made an excellent choice!! I took me a week to come up with the presenter's kit fee. During that week, I had this feeling that I was missing out on money! Feelings flowing through me that I haven't felt since I was a kid a Christmas! Ideas and creative juices flowing that got lost when I clocked in and out my job for 15 years. I have not looked back nor do I regret ever joining this amazing company. I believe in my heart that this is going to be an amazing ride with such a rapid growing company with amazing products that we stand behind 100% percent. Love it, Share it, Live it!

Younique is a rapidly growing online direct sales company. We have been in business for a little over 2 years and only ship to the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and our new addition the UK!! All of our products are made in the USA and are all natural!! Added bonus they are good for your skin. I have not had acne since I started wearing Younique's products!!There are no chemicals in our products!! Our #1 seller are the 3D fiber lashes!! They are not fake lashes!! Please understand, they dramatically enhance and magnify your own lashes, with the power of crushed green tea leaves!  

If you are finding yourself thinking about Younique and are wanting to join or have any questions, there are 2 ways to get to me! My Facebook name is Cari Jones Hoffman, friend me! Or if you are wanting to join, click on my free website, click join!! We are always happy to have new presenters!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Sprinkles With Kim and a Giveaway!!!! - {Guest Blogger}

Hey Blog Lovers and Readers! I am Kim Jeter, and I am an Independent Consultant with Pink Zebra Home! I have 3 boys that are 8,4 and 2. My husband is active-duty Military in the Air Force and I am a Stay-at-home Full time Mom. I am so thrilled to be a guest on this blog!

 I have to tell you that being a mom and having a business are one of the hardest things to do! I used to find myself wishing that I had a job to be able to bring in a substantial income and help out with the finances. Give my kids stability in a school or daycare with a routine. With my Home Based Business I know that I have the best of both worlds! I can stay at home and raise my children and earn part-time to full-time income! The best part about my business, well while there are many, is that we are a Ground Floor Opportunity, unsaturated, consumable, we have no quotas, we do not terminate for production and this business has to potential to give you whatever it is you are seeking. 

When I first joined Pink Zebra it was because I loved Home Fragrance products. They seemed to be more affordable with them, and lasted quite a bit longer. Low and behold, I found out that they offered their consultants a 25% discount! That was enough right there to sell me. I jumped in with both feet and became head over heels enthralled with everything that they had to offer. A year into the company I am up for another promotion and almost matching what my husband brings in in income! I never imagined that Direct Sales could do that for me or my family. It has truly been a blessing in disguise. Who knew all it would take was a sample of sprinkles! I love that my family can be involved in my business and my children cannot be harmed from any of the products. I have to say being a mom is truly not as easy as I thought it would be, but I am surely glad that my business is flexible to fit the needs of my family which comes first. I hope that every mom finds something that they are passionate about that welcomes them to a new level of achievement and self-worth. If you would like to follow me or for more information be sure to check out my blog at to stay up to date on the latest specials and incentives along with my Journey! Keep on rocking with The Moms Next Door and remember that Being a mother is the greatest gift that anyone can have! 

I'm also doing a Giveaway for one of the lucky readers of The Moms Next Door!  It's a Simmer Pot in the color of your choice!  Be sure to enter below!

Kim Jeter Pink Zebra Independent Consultant

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