Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Have Amazing Lashes with Younique - {Guest Post}

Hi my name is Cari Hoffman and I am Yellow Status Independent Presenter for Younique. I am a stay at home mother of 4 children, 2 stepsons and 2 daughters. Alex 17, Ethin 13, Madyson 13, and Rees 4. I lost my job and realized that there was more to life than a 9-5 job with my children growing up fast! I was always a tomboy, and I guess you can say that I still am. I was never into the whole makeup thing. I always wore mascara and eyeliner! Who had time for all that chemically made makeup, that would clog my pores and make my skin feel heavy! For myself to join a makeup company speaks wonders!! I thought why not? Why can't I make a business for myself? Younique isn't demanding all of my time, like my 9-5 job was. It is going to allow me to put the time in that I want, full-time, part-time, anytime!! A major bonus, I get paid 3 hours, yes I said 3 hours, after I make a sale!! I don't have to wait 2 weeks to get paid for something that I did yesterday! 

I have been with Younique since July of this year. I committed to join Younique before I even tried the makeup!! My sponsor talked to me about joining, explaining all the perks and what an amazing opportunity it was. While she was talking, I kept getting more excited as she explained the details of commission, pay tree, and the potential to make money that would take me a year to make from a regular 9-5 job. She allowed me to try the 3D fiber mascara before I received my presenter's kit and I knew then that I made an excellent choice!! I took me a week to come up with the presenter's kit fee. During that week, I had this feeling that I was missing out on money! Feelings flowing through me that I haven't felt since I was a kid a Christmas! Ideas and creative juices flowing that got lost when I clocked in and out my job for 15 years. I have not looked back nor do I regret ever joining this amazing company. I believe in my heart that this is going to be an amazing ride with such a rapid growing company with amazing products that we stand behind 100% percent. Love it, Share it, Live it!

Younique is a rapidly growing online direct sales company. We have been in business for a little over 2 years and only ship to the USA, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and our new addition the UK!! All of our products are made in the USA and are all natural!! Added bonus they are good for your skin. I have not had acne since I started wearing Younique's products!!There are no chemicals in our products!! Our #1 seller are the 3D fiber lashes!! They are not fake lashes!! Please understand, they dramatically enhance and magnify your own lashes, with the power of crushed green tea leaves!  

If you are finding yourself thinking about Younique and are wanting to join or have any questions, there are 2 ways to get to me! My Facebook name is Cari Jones Hoffman, friend me! Or if you are wanting to join, click on my free website, click join!! We are always happy to have new presenters!!

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