Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Get Paid to Travel with Berry Sweet Travel - {Guest Post}

Hello everyone!! My name is Courtney Rasberry and I'm a "momprenuer" and the owner of Berry Sweet Travel. 

I'm a multi level marketer through a company called Paycation Travel which allows me to run my entire business efficiently and effectively online at home. I am a Certified Travel Consultant who really enjoys helping you, your family, and friends find great deals on travel. I book flights, hotels, vacation packages, cruises, rental cars, concert tickets, sporting events, etc. You name it, and I probably book it.

Although I really enjoy helping people see different parts of the world at discounted rates that they probably wouldn't normally be able to financially afford, I also enjoy getting my own personal travel for literally pennies on the dollar. It's truly amazing. In my opinion there are two fabulous things about my career path that I have recently chosen. One is, being in the travel business for me as a single mother of two is how easy it is to involve my two young children into my business. A lot of people in the world have such great careers in different fields, but unfortunately aren't always able to incorporate their families into what they do or they have to miss out on time spent with their family. For me, that's definitely not an issue. My job pays me to travel and if I need or want to take a trip somewhere then my children are right there with me. How awesome is that? And what's even better is, I don't feel guilty about working because while I work, I'm enjoying time with my kids. The other fabulous thing about the career path that I have chosen is that I have the capability to recruit people and have them join my team of travel consultants which is such an amazing feeling to me. When I recruit people and they join my team, in turn I'm helping out other people live their dream of traveling and they are being paid for it. And then of course when I offer this great opportunity to a parent, I become even more excited because they comprehend the mental and emotional struggle of trying to juggle work and parenthood. As parents our children come first so if I can help someone find financial stability in their life for themselves as well as their children and extended family, then I feel like I've succeeded at doing something magnificent.

I truly love what I do and would love to be contacted by like minded people who are interested in the business or even if you just want a free travel quote. Check out pricing at www.BerrySweetTravel.com. I can be reached at 512-983-6434 (call/text) or feel free to email me with any questions at Courtneycrasberry@gmail.com

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